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15th anniversary of the AEPGA - Together, with the Donkey, for the Donkey

Since its foundation in 2001, AEPGA has traveled a long road of achievements, adventures and dreams.

It has created two centers which shelter one hundred donkeys, it has contributed to increase the number of births of Miranda donkeys from 5 to 90, it has rescued nearly 400 animals and gave assistance to 1000 others, it has reached out to every breeder and land owner in the region, it has brought thousands of people to the Plateau, it has created jobs, it has fostered scientific research, it has gathered more than 3916 associates and sponsors, and, most importantly, it has reminded the region of Trás-os-Montes, the country and the world that the Donkey is an invaluable resource and that it is entitled to a happy and dignified life.

On the occasion of our 15th anniversary, we wish to celebrate these achievements with all of you who support us, but we also want to include you as we build our future. So, besides inviting you to join us in a hike and picnic on International Donkey Day - May 8th - we are challenging you to expand this cause by proposing and organizing new activities yourselves.

Together, we can set up a widely diversified network of activities, both in terms of goals – fundraising, awareness – and type – parties, concerts, yard sales, raffle tickets in support of AEPGA, a marathon for the Miranda Donkey, a day at school dedicated to it, you name it!

Together, we can turn this special date into a celebration of the Donkey: our friend, our partner at work, our companion, our teacher.

Together, with the Donkey, for the Donkey.