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What is the challenge?

We challenge every associate to think of an initiative that somehow contributes to the dissemination of the cause to which we have dedicated our 15 years of existence: dignity for the Donkey.

What kind of initiative?

It can be an awareness-raising action, by making the Miranda donkey known to the wider public and letting everyone know how important all donkeys are, or a fundraiser in support of AEPGA, which would combine this dissemination purpose with the request for donations, as small as they may be, so that the work of the association may continue.

As for the types of actions, the sky is the limit! Here are a few ideas:

For fundraising actions:

- Organization of a party or concert;
- Yard sales;
- Raffle tickets;
- Bake sales;
- Etc.

For awareness-raising actions:

- Organizing the Day of the Donkey at school;
- Running a half marathon in the name of the Donkey and of AEPGA;
- Handing out AEPGA flyers (provided by us);
- Etc.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate, either alone or as a group (formal or informal).

When can we participate?

All initiatives taking place during 2016 are welcome because that is the year we will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of AEPGA. However, we would like to encourage you to organize your activities until May 8th, which is the date of our anniversary and International Donkey Day.

What else do we need to know?

We at AEPGA want to know about each and every one of the initiatives that you are planning! Please send us your emails at burranco@gmail.com telling us about your ideas so that we can help circulate them, and send us any pictures and videos of your activities.

Together, with the Donkey, for the Donkey. Thank you!